The Company

lite Kitchen Designs is where your dreams find their luxurious expression. A fundamental belief that the kitchen has always been a genuine heart of a home, its soul and quintessence, is at the core of this creative process. Your wishes and vision are skillfully translated by devoted experts into a masterpiece of modern luxury, spiced with unmatched professionalism, to meet and exceed the highest quality standards.


The Portfolio

The Portfolio is a place where you can take a look at our completed projects, each constructed with the top quality craftsmanship in millwork. This is where we showcase how we make the desires of our clients a reality. Each desire has found its unique material expression. ‘If you can dream it, we can build it’ is our motto, and the Portfolio reflects the dreams that our clients entrusted us with. We made those a reality. Each project is exclusive and created with the most innovative technology, first-class design and superb materials.


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Our Presentation Centres are conveniently located in London and Mississauga (Ontario, Canada). A personal visit to one of these locations is an enjoyable way to view real-life examples of our custom design work. ‘If you can dream it, we can build it’ is our motto, and our presentation centres showcase how we live up to this statement. Your dream kitchen is starting to become a beautiful reality with our extensive choice of material and hardware upgrade options. Seeing it all with your own eyes takes you much closer to making your wish come true.

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