1. Download the app from Apple AppStore or Android Market. Click below on your app store:



2. When prompted, please allow the app to use your GPS location. Location information is only used when you are punching in and out.

3. Open the app and enter the company ID. The company ID was sent to you in the initial SMS text.

4. Enter your employee username and password as given by your manager. Please note, that both fields are case-sensitive, meaning that your username should be entered without capitals or special symbols. Exactly as given by your manager.

5. Press and hold “IN” button for up to 7 seconds to punch yourself in. Your status should change from “Punched out” to “Punched in”



6. Press and hold the “OUT” button when you need to punch out for lunch or at the end of your shift.

7. Please note:

  • Once punched-in, you will not be able to punch out for 5 minutes;
  • The app records your GPS location ONLY when you are punching in or out;
  • You must only punch-in and out when at the shop or installation location. Punching in or out on your way to work or after you left is not allowed;
  • If, by mistake, you have forgotten to punch out after the end of your shift and punched-out on your way home – immediately report this to your manager to fix the error ASAP. 

Thank you and welcome to the Elite Kitchen Designs team!